Want to help with refreshments at FLRC races? Join our new Food Team!

Do you like feeding people? Have you wished races would have better food, or more options that meet your dietary restrictions? Are you looking for something to do while a friend or partner races?

Post-race refreshments can be an afterthought for a busy race director who’s focused on setting up the course, coordinating volunteers, and juggling numerous other details.

To spread the load and help our stalwart race directors devote their attention to other aspects of their races, FLRC is starting a Food Team, a group of volunteers to take over all aspects of race refreshments. (It’s a lot like our Timing Team, which manages everything involved with timing and finish lines.) The club needs your help, so reply here if you—or a family member!—is interested in:

  • Purchasing food for races beforehand
  • Prepping and serving food at races
  • Brainstorming healthy, tasty food options that acknowledge dietary restrictions
  • Monitoring purchases versus consumption to reduce waste

For each race, if a race director wants help, we need a Food Director who would work with the race director to decide what to buy, purchase it, manage one or more volunteers in serving, take notes on whether we needed more or less of particular items, and submit receipts for reimbursement. Food Assistants would take cues from the Food Director on prepping and serving food to runners. The goal is to put together a team of 10–15 people from which race directors can recruit a few people for each race.

Are you up for helping make post-race refreshments healthier, tastier, and more memorable?

Thanks for doing your part to make FLRC all it can be!

Hi, this sounds like a great committee and I would like to join! However, what would the process be if there are some races that I want to run in?

Thanks, @Ronke! We’re very relaxed about such things.

The goal is to have enough people on the Food Team so others could handle the races you wanted to run. Or, if we have at least one other person volunteering to help with food at a particular race, you could also help with setup to start, run the race, and perhaps chip in with the cleanup after you finish.

Timing Team members often do that, so by the end of the race, we’ll sometimes have two or three extra helping out at the finish line after they’re done running. It’s all really just an excuse to hang out with friends in the woods. :slight_smile:

HI Adam.

I would be happy to be part of this new post-race refreshments team.

Please add me to the list and let me know next steps.

Thanks again for all you do,


Thanks, Caitlin—that’s great, and your attention to healthy food will be welcome!