Want to work on the FLRC Diversity & Inclusion Committee?

Good day, runners! We’re pleased to announce that Kris Haines-Sharp (@krishainessharp) has agreed to serve as the next chair of the FLRC Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

Although Kris has ideas for encouraging underserved communities to participate in FLRC events and running in general, these and other efforts need support from the broader running community to become reality. If you want to help promote diversity and inclusion in running, we invite you to join the D&I Committee.

We’re planning a Zoom-based reboot meeting for early June. Please indicate which days and times work best for you in this When2Meet poll—we’ll post the most popular time here. Don’t worry if you can’t make the eventual meeting; there will be online discussions and plenty of future meetings.


As much as I like this committee I have a schedule that is unbelievable in how diverse and odd it is. There is no good time that I can consistently make it. Not one single day.

I feel like it is an important job and a lot of good work was coming from this group. When you all find a time to meet, I will come if I can. Or if it just isn’t going to work at that point I may have to drop out.


Thanks to those who signed up to join FLRC’s D&I Committee! Our meeting will be Thursday, June 9th at 5 PM via Zoom, so if you didn’t have a chance to respond to the When2Meet poll but would still like to participate, message me privately (click my name above, and then the blue Message button) and I’ll send you the Zoom details. We can’t post them here or Zoom trolls might get them.