Water Gap 50K and 25K - Sep 23, 2023

My favorite ultra is coming up, and this is a posting in case anyone else would like to experience a beautiful long trail run.

The course is at the Delaware Water Gap along the McDade trail, and the race was first created by Red Newt (Ian) and now managed by Happily Running (Vinny). The path is wide and gentle, and I can’t imagine a better course.

This will be my eighth time completing assuming I stay upright until the finish. I’m looking forward to it already. Contact me if anyone wishes to ride-share.


Matt Clark, mclark@gorges.us


I really need to put this on my “want to run” list, I keep forgetting about it! Thank you!

PS - good luck, you’re going to do great!


My friends and I ran that event a few years ago.

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