Waterfront Trail more water than front

Unless you are fine with some swimming or splashing, no waterfront running.

We were chatting after the xc race yesterday that had numerous water crossings, If you utilize the Engst Method, where foot stomp= shoe size m^2 + €/{water depth ^3 + speed } you will displace enough of water to stay dry. But if speed approaches zero you will sink into infinity.

Haha…I didn’t feel confident in my own calculations (though I saw several folks were!), nor that my speed would be far enough beyond zero to test it out. Infinity sounds scary .

I’m so glad that someone put the effort into quantifying the necessary stomp and potential liability of coming to a stop mid-puddle. :laughing:

@BigRedRick, perhaps this needs some additional documentation from ClearNote Labs?

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Aaron, I’m guessing you were the person standing there yesterday as I just walked right through. My car was at the golf course so I had no choice LOL!

I didn’t see anyone go through while I was there (except a couple of folks carefully treading on bikes), but I’m glad you made it through!

Has this dried up yet or is the path still under water?

As of Saturday afternoon it was all dry.