Waterfront Trail run on 5/4 at 12:15 PM

I’ll be downtown tomorrow afternoon at 12:15 to run the Waterfront Trail if anyone would like to join me in logging an FLRC Challenge effort. Happy to adjust pace to keep you company. @Petorius, @steve-desmond, @bobtalda, @casey, @jtk1, @kag22, @sf433? Everyone is welcome!

Meet at the Challenge sign at Stewart Park…

I couldn’t make the group run, so I did it solo this afternoon. To be creative I started between the bridges, ran to the start sign, back to the bridges, out to the last blue pier (before the bushes – yes there are lots of blue piers out now) and back to the bridges. On grass as much as possible, next to the trail. A good Dutch run: cool, wet underfoot, flat.

Those blue piers are entirely inscrutable to me—I hope they’ll still be as obvious once they go back in the water. If not, we may have to see if we can get the City to agree to another sign.

A few of us were discussing how to have a really fast time on the Waterfront Trail course, and we decided the best approach would be to have a spotter on the bridges to keep people off them as runners come through. Runners at full speed would be rather terrifying on the narrow bridges.

The turnaround is just before the bushes after all piers. Just a few meters longer. So you could publicize that.

There’s a post partially hidden in the bushes that might work if the piers go in the water. Not sure how much distance that would add on. Maybe a step or two. Or if it will be visible if the bushes grow leaves.