Waterfront Trail run on Tuesday, April 13 at noon

I’m planning an easy run on the FLRC Challenge Waterfront Trail course on Tuesday, April 13th at noon to ease into seeing how my calf deals.

Any and all company welcome—meet me at the parking lot to the east of the large pavilion at noon. Up for joining in particular, @kag22, @bobtalda, @casey, @jtk1, and @steve-desmond?

put it on my calendar! just got shot #2 so am aware of potential side effects that may derail my participation

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oh good grief. i read “Thursday”. sorry, passing today. deliberate day of rest

It looks like I will be unable to make it Adam, thank you for keeping me in the loop. Please include me on the next one.

:blush: Karen

Well, it was a gorgeous day and I had a very nice first 2 miles and then my calf tightened up and I had to jog the last mile slowly. Super frustrating.