Waterproof socks?

So, if you are doing a long run and you KNOW your shoes are going to get soaked, is there anything to be done to prevent blisters? Has anyone tried waterproof socks? Like these, for example?

I have no experience here (and didn’t get blisters even when running in the torrential downpours of the Finger Lakes 50s a few years ago), but @vedgund just got some Salomon trail shoes with GoreTex uppers that promise to keep out the water to some extent. He was trying to test them on a trail run a few weeks ago. @Ian might also have some gear recommendations.

I got these Salomon Speedcross GTX and they are really good. Definitely ran through a few deep puddles to test them and my feet came out as dry as they went in.

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Liz, I haven’t tried the waterproof socks so I can’t weigh in there at all. I don’t think I’m aware of even knowing anyone who has had them. I also haven’t had issues with blistering associated with wet feet in the fall / winter, even running long. Usually only have an issue when it’s hot, then running long and if I don’t use bodyglide or something similar. I also don’t think I’ve had much issues with blistering even if I neglect the glide. Chafing / nipple / groin / armpits yet…but blistering in the feet not as much.

What are the socks you’re wearing now? And which shoes in the wet / snowy long runs?

We have a couple GTX models in, though selling out and inventory is tough to come by at the moment once they’re gone. I don’t think I’ve ever put or felt like I needed a GTX shoe. In a short window where I was snowshoeing in living in the mountains, but not really outside of that, unless with thoughts of casual / commuting use.

The Speedcross we’ve special ordered as some individuals such as Eric Sambolec love the shoe. But, I don’t at all…I think it’s a relative inflexible tank with a midfoot cut narrow enough that it would blister many individual’s midfoot. I like the Salomon Wildcross much better and they do have a GTX version as well (I think).

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The Salomon Sense Ride GTX is a good shoe as well. I have both the non-GTX and the GTX version and they’re good shoes, although I much prefer Hokas.


I’m wearing smart wool socks and Topo magnifly shoes, @Ian. But I’ve also had this happen with my old saucony shoes and regular socks.

I was hoping for a solution that didn’t require new shoes but I might pop into the store if I decide to up my trail running time, which is currently around zero (unless you count places like the south hill Rec trail and Black Diamond Trail…)

Liz, where are you getting the blistering?

On my right foot on the inside of my foot up towards the big toe - this is the old photo, this time it’s mainly just where the purple spot is