Ways of identifying fellow Challengers?

At one point, I had the idea of doing some of those silicone bracelets in blue with yellow FLRC Challenge printing on them, but I didn’t know if @Challengers would think it was neat or if they’d just gather dust in drawers.

Or we could come up with a secret wave or passphrase!

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We need SOMETHING!!! @adamengst I saw you and your running partner on the Beebe Lake Course this morning. I had already completed my run and took a stroll through the gardens, and you were crossing Judd Falls Rd. I hope you had a nice run!!

Aw, drat, @CharlieF and I missed you while we were paying attention to traffic.

Next time, feel free to yell “Cover the ground!” at us. :slight_smile:

Maybe we could score some of those headbands with large colorful, sparkly balls bouncing above your head! We could custom order the balls to have the Challenge imprint on them!

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