Week #20 Recap

Five months into the FLRC Challenge, and we’ve exceeded 9,500 miles as a group. Frankly, I think we could have hit 10,000 but for the insane weather recently. Special thanks to Wei-Kai Lin and Mickie Sanders-Jauquet for keeping our streak of someone running a Challenge course every day since our February 21st launch—they were the only two people to record efforts on July 8th as the non-stop thunderstorms continued to hammer the area.

Happily, the City of Ithaca, with help from numerous volunteers, has cleared enough of the storm damage from Stewart Park to reopen again. Feel free to get back out on the Waterfront Trail course now.

A big leaderboard welcome to Karen Laface and 16-year-old Aeron Jauquet, who posted their first results this week. It’s great to see more teenagers joining the Challenge!

Thanks to Steve Desmond, we have a new leaderboard feature: group pages. The idea is that a group that works at the same institution, runs together regularly, or has any other commonality can have a custom page for just the members of that group. Like other tables on the leaderboard, all the columns are sortable by clicking the column headers, so it’s easy to see who has the most miles, the highest average age grade, the most courses run, and so on. Check out the example page for everyone named Adam. If you want your own page, contact me with the name of your group and a list of members drawn from the Participants page.

I’ve distributed nearly all the FLRC Challenge lawn signs, and I hope to get the last few out on South Hill over the weekend. They look great, and thanks to everyone who agreed to host one. If you get tired of having yours, let me know, and I can look for a new home for it.

Finally, remember that we have age-group prizes for each course in the Challenge. Right now, for instance, our age-group leaders on the East Hill Rec Way (dropping overall leaders Adam Pacheck (4:36) and Chelsea Benson (5:07)) are:

Name Category Age Time
Mik Kern M 29 4:50
Jullien Flynn F 27 5:36
Rich Heffron M 37 4:39
Liz Hartman F 38 5:49
Columbia Warren M 43 5:24
Michelle Woods F 46 6:33
Adam Engst M 53 5:25
Caitlin Loehr F 55 6:12
Casey Carlstrom M 62 5:26
Ruth Sproul F 69 8:50

Until next week, keep logging those miles, and let’s see if we can break the 10,000-mile mark by next Friday!

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