What FLRC/High Noon Stalwart Michel Lam is Up to These Days:

Hi Folks: Several years ago, our running friend Michael ran off to to West Virginia and more recently to Rochester. Today we can read about what he and his astronomy colleagues have been up to after over a decade of patient work: APOD: 2023 June 29 – A Message from the Gravitational Universe (with super links) (also: a great front page story The Cosmos Is Thrumming With Gravitational Waves, Astronomers Find - The New York Times)
Sincerely, Carl

Updates: Happily Michael reports that he remains an avid runner. And, his day job is now at the SETI (= Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) Institute whose mission is to search for signals from a civilization beyond earth. How cool is that!!!

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Considering’s Michael’s love for Star Trek when he was here as a grad student, I can only imagine the zeal with which he’s poring over the SETI data. :slight_smile: Maybe we’ll be able to lure him to an XC race or two this year.