Who's running the FLRC Challenge?

Is there a way to see a list of all registrants on the leaderboard (even if they haven’t run any events yet)?


Not on the leaderboard itself, because it reads data from the Webscorer results pages. So until someone has run at least one course, they won’t be on the leaderboard, and even then, there’s currently no page that just lists participants—it’s all about the courses and results.

However, Webscorer provides a confirmation list linked off the series registration page that shows everyone who has signed up so far. Right now, we’re at 35 people, which is a great start given the weather and conditions limiting us to just two courses of wildly different distances right now.


Sounds good, but as a participant, it might be handy to have a list of all participants in one place, like the leaderboard, to see who all is registered. Maybe there could be either a link to a list of all participants in the leaderboard, or a link from the leaderboard to Webscorer’s list of participants. Just a thought, and obviously up to you.


Easily done, I think, with a top-level nav link to the Webscorer page on the leaderboard.

And @steve-desmond has once again worked wonders, reading the data from the Webscorer “start list” for the series so the new full Athlete list includes everyone, whether or not they’ve submitted a result yet.


This is great – the participant list was exactly what I was referring to! Looks great.