Why We Run

Just stumbled across a great blog post by Toni Reavis that segues into some absolutely perfect verses:

We run to remember, run to forget. We run to recover and, at times, with regret. We run to consider, then run to decide. We run for glory, we run to hide.

We run to feel joy, run to inflict pain. We run, swear to God, so as not to go insane.

We run for time, then run at pace. Most often we train, but sometimes we race.

We run to attain, run to reflect, we run as a reminder what not to neglect.

We run to detach. We run to engage. We run to offset our advancing age.

We run for place, as we run through space. We run to experience – call it a runner’s grace.

Truth is, we run when we can, then run when we must. We run to be alive, ‘till time turns us to dust.

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The old common wisdom was that it’s endorphins released by running that gets us high. The new common wisdom is that it’s endocannabinoids, not endorphins. Yup, cannabinoids that are made by our own bodies. Some people will do anything.

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