Wineglass carpool

Hi everyone,

My friend, a recent Cornell alum and all-around amazing person, is coming up from the city to race Wineglass 26.2. She’s looking for a ride from Ithaca to and from the race, and can kick in for gas, etc. Anyone looking to carpool? Please DM me and I can get you in touch with her.


I saw your message and created a carpool list since I’m sure other Ithaca area runners will be interested in carpooling to the race. @melissawallace — if your friend hasn’t found a ride yet, she can join the waiting list here and hopefully someone will find her through it.

(I won’t be at Wineglass myself. I just thought it would be a good idea to get a carpool group going.)

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Thanks, @Petorius! Great idea. Will share it with her.

@aaron.proujansky1 You might be able to find a ride here too if you need one.

@melissawallace and @aaron.proujansky1 - my friend Eric may be driving up to Wineglass with extra seats. I’ll ask him this weekend! If yes I’ll tell him to get on the carpool list.

Thanks, @gplwoo!

Thanks, Gabby!