Winners of the FLRC Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt

Happy new year, everyone! We are well on our way to an interesting 2021, but let’s take it back to the end of 2020 for a brief moment. I know everyone is anxious to find out who the winners of the Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt are, and without further ado, the names, chosen by an online random name picker, are… drum roll

@Sandy and @lizhartman!!

Congrats to these two lovely ladies! I will be in touch in the next few days about your prizes!

Now, onto some nerdy data stuff (because I love it): there were 24 unique participants, and a total of 68 winner names (including the “race director’s choices”). 10 participants scavenged for all 6 weeks, and overall, a total of 680 items were found. That’s amazing, especially during the holidays! Give yourselves a pat on the back (or a cookie) for staying dedicated and motivated during the most difficult time of the year to do so.

A hearty thank you to everyone who participated and made the first FLRC virtual scavenger hunt a success, whether you posted one item or 60 items! It was great to see all the engagement and your creative, hilarious sides. I hope we can continue this in the future, during a time of the year that offers other unique items to find.

See you on the trails!


hanks so much, Heather, for coming up with such a great way to keep us engaged during this difficult time. What a fun way to keep our bodies moving and our creative juices flowing! Kudos to all for the beautiful/clever/silly pics!

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Thanks for this Heather! It was a lot of fun and good motivation to get out and run.

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Thank you so much for organizing this Heather! I had a lot of fun participating :grinning:

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