Winter Chill #2 is on Sunday, January 14th

Join us for the second planned Winter Chill on Sunday, January 14th at 11 am; bib pickup starts at 10:15. If you haven’t already signed up for the series, please register before 6 pm on Saturday so we can assign bibs to new people!

The color for this week is red, so unless you want to stick out (which is fine too!), try to wear red clothing as your outer layer. (The color of your inner layers can remain your secret.)

Registering for the Winter Chill 5K series is free, but you must be an FLRC club member. If you’re new to the club or your membership has lapsed, join or renew online today, since there won’t be an option to sign up at the race. (It’s cold, and no one wants to handle paper!) Once that’s set, register for the series—you’ll be signed up for the three remaining races and will use the same bib number for all of them, but you can skip any individual race that doesn’t fit your schedule.

Cheers Chillers! -Sarah Drumheller

Sharing some pre-race pictures

Quite the pre-race snow squall :cloud_with_snow:
Thank so much for setting up these races :blush::heartpulse::+1::+1:
Certainly something I would not have done on my own running solo in this :sweat_smile::crazy_face:


Great shots, @mplank! Can you please upload them to our community-driven photo album too?

And yeah, that snow was nuts. The roads were bare when I was driving past Cass Park, and flurries started as I turned at the rink. By the time I parked, 30 seconds later, it was white-out conditions.