"Wrong" age when you register in Webscorer

One of our participants just wrote to me slightly confused because she’s 51, but Webscorer showed her age as 50. Here’s why:

  • So we can assign people to 10-year age-group teams and to keep folks from moving between teams throughout the year as they age up, Webscorer calculates your age as of January 1st, 2021. So even though this person had subsequently turned 51, she was 50 on January 1st.

  • For individual competition, where you’re allowed to move between age groups, the FLRC Challenge leaderboard looks at your birth date and calculates your age on the fly for each result. So once this person runs a Challenge course and appears on the leaderboard, it will calculate her age correctly as 51.

So for those who have had a birthday since the first of the year, that’s why you’ll see the “wrong” age in Webscorer. Rest assured it will be right on the leaderboard.