Yellowjacket/wasp nest on the Danby Down & Dirty course

Hey @Challengers, the word from @Mr_Hector is that there’s a yellowjacket/wasp nest on the Danby Down & Dirty course.

Hey, Just ran the Abbot Loop, if possible might want to send something out to runners about a huge Yellow Jacket/wasp nest. 1/4 mile after the bridge as you go through the river part. It’s terrible.

Perhaps @Petorius or someone who’s more familiar with that course can give us a better sense of where that might be. And Joel, if you can provide any more details about where the nest is in relation to the trail or how people can best avoid it, that would be welcome.

Ran through there yesterday and emerged unscathed. However, the wasps may not have a taste for slow moving, stringy old guy.

@Mr_Hector I never saw anything when I ran through there 5 times on Thursday. Which side of the trail is it on? Is there enough room to take a wide detour?

I was planning on posting a group run of the Danby Down ‘n Dirty 20K route on Saturday morning. Perhaps I should change it to be “let’s go look at the big wasp nest” run?