You never know where your trail run will lead you, or if a herd of sheep might follow you

I saw this in runnersworld and thought others might enjoy seeing it. A woman in France went on a trail run and a herd of sheep decided to follow her. Check it out!


That would be fun? I wonder where they eventually ended up and how the sheep got back home.

Long ago, a neighbor’s dog used to come running with me at times. He was good company and exceedingly well-behaved, but it was occasionally a little awkward since everyone assumed he was my dog, but he only listened to me when it suited him.

Had a dog join me on a long out-and-back run several years ago. Stayed with me for 5 miles or so (must have been lonely, maybe abandoned?) Expected him to peel off when I got back to where he’d joined me, but no. Tried to shoo him away, to no avail. Now I’m afraid he’s going to follow me all the way home, and what do I do then? Fortunately, about a mile from home I encountered two walkers going the other way, and by this point he’s either tired of my company or decided he’s run far enough for one day, and he joined up with them!


That’s cute. I had a lost dog tag along with me one time. But he had a collar and I was able to return him