Your favorite Fall 5k races?

Hi running friends! I’m looking to choose about three 5K races to run this fall. I’d like flat, fast courses that are within a 45 minute drive of Ithaca (though I might consider a little further for a bigger race). I already am planning on the Ithaca 5&10 which I think is Sunday 9/8. Please share your favorites with me!

Fillmore 5k, Ithaca 5&10, Trackapalooza are the flattest, IIRC.

Here’s the full list: Upcoming Races within 25 miles of Ithaca, NY

Thanks, Dirk! I’m looking for races in September and October. Definitely planning on Ithaca 5&10. I’ll check out the link too.

I haven’t run this, but can you get any flatter than an airport runway?!?!?

I ran the Airport 5K last year and it was only 3.0 miles! I heard later from others that it’s notorious for being a short race. Since I’m set on doing the 5&10, I probably won’t want a race the following weekend (that was brutal last year). But, its’ a great suggestion for others who are looking and don’t mind if it’s not a full 5K.