12+ minute mile runners - looking to run with you!

Hello all!

I am currently running between 13 and 14 minute miles, and would like to connect with other runners who are back-of-the-pack runners. Right now I’m looking to meet once a month for a 1 hour in the Ithaca/Lansing area. I envision this run as a social run, with everyone sticking together and only running as fast as the person in the back is comfortable going. Walk/run intervals definitely welcome (how I am currently running).

We’d probably start on roads or paved paths until the weather gets better, then I’d love to get out on trails and explore knowing I’d always have someone with me and not get lost.

This would be a great group for those coming back from an injury, just getting into running, or looking for someone to run with but find the other group runs intimidating. No runner would be left behind! Maybe we could also merge this into the other group runs currently going on - it’s always nice to know you’ll have company on your run.

If this is something you’re interested in, comment below, DM me, or email me at cobb.heather.m@gmail.com.

Also, runners of all paces are welcome, but faster runners should be willing to stick with the group as a whole.



Me, me, me!!! I’ll email you.


I’m right there with you :slight_smile: would love to connect I’ll send an email


Would love to do this too!


I would be interested!


I emailed you!

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