15 Mile Run Tuesday?

Hi All,

I am training for Marine Core Devil Dog Double, an 18.1 mile run on the streets of Fredericksburg, Virginia on May 22. Is anybody signed up for it, or their 1/2 marathon?

In preparation I am going to do my longest run to date 15 miles this Tuesday at May 10. Depending on the route I am expecting approximately 10-11min mile. If you want to join, you are welcome.

Originally I was going to retrace the upcoming Gorges 1/2 marathon and extend it by turning left at East Falls Creek and heading back towards Ithaca High School, doing a loop until I hit 15 miles.


But than I realized that I wouldn’t get FLRC Challenge points for that run, so now I am looking at combining 2-3 runs that are not too hilly and mostly are parallel to the street race I am training for. Do people have recommendations on which FLRC to combine to train for the 18.1 street race?

What about a 10.4-mile Brookton Hill & Dale followed by a 3.9-mile Beebe Lake? That’s pretty darn close in distance, and keeps a lot of it on pavement while giving some respite on the trails around the lake at the end.