2022 FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge efforts underway

Gotta love the leaderboard’s Activity Log, @Challengers, because it reveals that we have not one, but two separate FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge efforts underway today!

It wasn’t clear that anything was out of the ordinary with the dynamic duo of Paul Maza and Jami Landry yesterday when they ran Lick Brook & Treman FLT, starting at 6:41. But then, when Jami’s activity log showed that they had knocked off the second-longest course—Brookton Hill & Dale—starting at 11:04 PM, it was clear that the game was afoot. Since then, they’ve done East Hill Dryden Rail Trail, Beebe Lake, Jim Schug Trail, Long Loomis, and Sweet 1600 (which track?), leaving just Inlet Shore Trail, Lansing Center Trail, and Taughannock Rim & Falls to go. Way to go, you two!

On the drive out to the group run at Taughannock, we saw Damian Clemons running on the Inlet Shore Trail, and a glance at his Activity Log showed that he too was starting an Ultra Challenge effort. He had already run Taughannock Rim & Falls and Sweet 1600 (T’burg track?) by then, and since that time, he has completed Inlet Shore Trail, Beebe Lake, East Hill Dryden Rail Trail, and Lansing Center Trail. He’s probably changing his shoes now after the Lansing mud. Keep it up, Damian!

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Jami and Paul! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:


Hi Adam! We finished! Thanks so much for the kind announcement; and it was the Dryden hs track!


Looks like Damian saved the toughest for last. He had 11 hours to drive from Brooktondale to Treman and run the course. He should be well on his way to victory by now (10 p.m.).

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Damian! :tada::tada:

Looks like Damian finished at 3:44am, with >2 hours to spare!

I just got a knock on the door and found @Petorius, looking to borrow a charging cable for his iPhone so he could scan the sign for his final leg of the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge—the Brookton Hill & Dale course.

Go, Pete, go!