2022 FLRC Challenge completed!

Great job!

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We have two more finishers, @Challengers—congrats to Nora McIver-Sheridan (@nora) and Sarah Giesy (@SarahG)! For her final course, Sarah enjoyed a Long Loomis loop, whereas Nora jumped the gun on the Brookton Hill & Dale course before this weekend’s group run to complete her Challenge.

Nora’s speedy time on the Brookton Hill & Dale course was good for third place for women, behind Liz Hartman and Jilene Demont, but when combined with Nora’s other courses, catapulted her into first place in Most Points for women, ahead of Liz and Jilene. It’s close enough that there could still be some more movement here, and Margaret Frank remains the dark horse, given her last-minute win in 2021.

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Hot times on the Challenge courses this weekend, @Challengers, with five more finishers! First, two of our Elmira-Corning-area crew:

  • Tatyana Brown (@Tatyana_Zikeyeva_Bro) finished off her Challenge with the Inlet Shore Trail, running with…

  • Joette Foster (@jfoster815), who then went on to finish Lansing Center Trail on her own (though picking up a group run star with Charlie Hale) for her tenth course.

  • Jesse Koenecke (@jtk1) then braved the heat to complete the challenging Lick Brook & Treman FLT course and claim his medal.

  • Roger Moseley (@rogmos) punched his ticket with an easy run on the Beebe Lake course that was still sufficient to launch him into first place in Most Points for men ahead of Brian Lazzaro and Adam Pacheck and third place for Age Grade behind Caitlin Loehr and Yvette de Boer. Look out for his next attempt on this course!

  • Dave Kania (@Dave_K) ran Inlet Shore Trail with Aaron Proujansky for his final course.

Congrats to all of you!

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Thanks in part to @heathercobb3’s group run at Lick Brook & Treman FLT on Saturday, we have four new finishers, @Challengers:

  • Iris Packman (@Iris) was part of the large pack on the group run to notch her final course.

  • Kate Anderson (@kate-anderson) took advantage of @KSlater’s company on the group run to complete her final course after methodically working through all the rest on a largely one-and-done approach.

  • Jean-Luc Jannink (@jeanluc) ran Lick Brook & Treman FLT early, so he headed out to Dryden on Sunday to finish off the Jim Schug Trail. Recording his tenth course in a speedy time also launched him into second overall for Most Points for men, behind only Roger Moseley, and into third place for Average Age Grade, nudging Roger down one spot. There could be some more competition there!

  • Michelle Woods (@MWoods), who was hiking the Lick Brook & Treman FLT course on Saturday with her younger son Simon while her older son Crosby ran it, returned this morning to finish it—and her Challenge—with Caitlin Loehr for company.

And with that, we’re now at 50 completions! Way to go folks, and if you’re among the 16 people (raises hand) waiting in the wings with nine courses to go, it’s time to plan that last run.

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Way to go Kate!! And everyone else!

And the gauntlet has been thrown down, @Challengers! 2021 Most Points winner Adam Pacheck (@apacheck) completed Brookton Hill & Dale for his final FLRC Challenge course for 2022, logging the fastest time on that course and vaulting into the lead for Most Points for men, ahead of Roger Moseley and Jean Luc-Jannink.

However, there could still be some challenges, such as from Charlie Hale (1st on Lansing Center Trail and Inlet Shore Trail), Mik Kern (1st on Long Loomis, 3rd on Lansing Center Trail, 3rd on Inlet Shore Trail, 3rd on East Hill Dryden Rail Trail), and Adrian Haws (1st on East Hill Dryden Rail Trail, 1st on Jim Schug Trail, 2nd on Inlet Shore Trail).

Or, perhaps Adam will improve his times on some of those courses in an attempt to better his 987.26 points from last year, which was higher than Margaret Frank’s 960.55 for the women last year, or Nora McIver-Sheridan’s otherwise commanding 984.10 points so far for the women this year.

Stay tuned for more Challenge excitement!

I just finished today.

@Challengers, finishing congratulations today go to Dina Maxwell (@Dina_Maxwell), who saved the hardest Lick Brook & Treman FLT course for last but finished it on a hot day, and to Mik Kern (@Mikhail_Kern), who saved his specialty, the Sweet 1600, for his final course (and he couldn’t resist running the extra 9 meters to bring it up to a full mile).

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Three more completions today, @Challengers! Kudos to:

  • Bill Watson (@billwatson), who found himself under time pressure as he moves to Boston for a teaching fellowship at some little college there—Harvard something. In the last week, Bill knocked off Lansing Center Trail, Taughannock Rim & Falls, Jim Schug Trail, Brookton Hill & Dale, and Lick Brook & Treman FLT to go out with a bang.

  • Melissa Weiner (@melissa-weiner) only signed up for the Challenge in June and ran her second course on July 4th, but since then has been on a roll, cruising through the rest of the courses and finishing up with Jim Schug Trail today.

  • Ana Riley (@AnaR) took a one-and-done strategy, finishing off with a Sweet 1600 today, a week after completing a tough Lick Brook & Treman FLT course with the big group.

56 people in—get those last courses on your schedule in the next few weeks, since our last day is August 14th.

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Great job!

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I’m pleased to announce, @Challengers, that your intrepid Challenge director has finally completed his tenth course as well, with a walk/run effort on Brookton Hill & Dale this morning. Never let it be said that I ask you to do anything I wouldn’t.

Injuries prevented me from running the two longest courses entirely, but I’ve always said that the FLRC Challenge should be challenging! If it were easy, it would be the FLRC Whatever.

Cover the ground!



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Fantastic, congratulations @adamengst! It’s quite impressive that you managed to complete the challenge despite your injury (also your hiking time on the Lick Brook & Treman course is faster than my “running” time :sweat_smile::joy:).

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You are setting a high bar for Larry and me. We plan to finish the Challenge tomorrow morning (early) with the Brookton course, too. We both have been dealing with injuries too.

It will be a warm day so some walking may be in the mix.

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It might be cooler if you do it clockwise, so you get cooler temps on Coddington in the sun, but still shade on White Church. I wasn’t bothered by the heat though, and I liked the direction otherwise.

The only other course-related quirk is that there are lots of dump trucks going on Middaugh and Coddington (maybe eight for the time I was there?). Starting earlier might avoid some of them, though I don’t know when they kick in. I think they’re related to the repaving work on 366 in Ithaca.

Good luck, and remember, there’s no shame in hiking if that’s what you need to do to cover the ground.

Congratulations! Maybe I’ll organize the FLRC Whatever for next year. Walk/run as many courses as you like, whatever distance you like, whatever pace you like. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips and the heads up on the traffic. We are hoping to start early.

I like it! The completion award for the FLRC Whatever could be an off-brand vanilla Oreo cookie—the “whatever” of snacks. :wink:

Congrats Adam!

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Fantastic, @adamengst! So glad you were able to do this despite being injured. A well-deserved medal!

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