Amy Dawson, Scott Dawson, and Teressa Naylor have completed the 2022 FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge!

@Challengers, it was a big day in the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge, with the tenacious trio of Amy Dawson (@amy-dawson), Scott Dawson (@scottpdawson), and Teressa Naylor (@teressa.naylor) finishing off all ten courses in well under 24 hours. Amazing running, folks! Here’s how their official stats worked out, though I suspect that some of the variations are just differences in scanning with Webscorer:

Challenger Running Time Elapsed Time
Amy Dawson 16:15:38 20:48:45
Scott Dawson 15:17:46 20:48:44
Teressa Naylor 16:12:31 20:49:02

They started with a quick Sweet 1600 at 2:58 AM, likely on the Trumansburg track, followed by their home course of Taughannock Rim & Falls, which they’ve run a collective 176 times this year and can thus run in their sleep. Then they drove into Ithaca for the Inlet Shore Trail while it was still dark, and moved on to Brookton Hill & Dale while it was still early. After that, they tackled the Lick Brook & Treman FLT course to get it out of the way before working their way east on Beebe Lake, East Hill Dryden Rail Trail, Long Loomis, and the Jim Schug Trail, finishing up with Lansing Center Trail just before midnight.

I’m sure we’ll get full blog posts from at least Scott and Amy, and I’ll be preparing another three custom Ultra Challenge signs to commemorate their achievements.


Congrats, guys!!

Way to go Scott, Amy, and Teressa!!!

Woohoo! Way to go! :raised_hands:

Way to go guys! @amy-dawson I hope you got your pizza if not during the challenge, afterwards!

It was great to see you out there! We DID!! @scottpdawson walked down to Pizza and Bones and got slices for all of us before we started the Jim Schug effort. It was so delicious. I hope that the Lickbrook side of the trail was kind to you and you enjoyed the beer!! @teressa.naylor


That was a pretty epic day! Amy and I are all into writing about running, so here’s my blog post :wink:


I have written up my post 100K report! Thanks to everyone for all their support with this. We had a great day
FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge 2022
I mentioned these folks in the post - @heathercobb3 @teressa.naylor @scottpdawson @SarahG @caroline-brockner @JoshB @kristina.harrisonsav @amandaking @aaronking32 and @xander.k.dawson. I don’t think I forgot anyone that we saw!! Thanks FLRC for this really cool challenge!


It’s so great to hear about the “ultra brain” from the perspective of someone who may not have experienced it before. Things which seem silly in retrospect were VERY IMPORTANT in the moment. I loved reading about your adventure, and I will keep thinking about the foot mantra for my next ultra. Congrats you three!

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Great running! It was so fun to see you in action. You’re all SO TOUGH! :flushed: :heart_eyes: Thanks for sharing your experiences with the great recaps. Hope that you’re able to take it easy this week. Congratulations!

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