Backstretch Bingo Day 10: Rock a Run

Rock a Run: Run someplace with a rock formation, man-made or natural, and post a picture of your stony surroundings.

Oh drat, if I’d waited, I could have gotten triple credit for the picture of Andy Goldsworthy’s Egg Cairn.

Well, no lack of rocks around here…

On Cayuga Heights Road by the Ithaca Falls.

Buttermilk Falls-natural rocks, bonus water run!

I ran a 6-fer today. I started on the north side of the Cornell suspension bridge and walked south on the bridge to the big staircase. I ran up the stairs for my different warm-up (Day 6).

Then it was on to this statue of Touchdown, the Cornell bear mascot, which is mounted on a rock (Day 10), where I took a selfie to show my school colors (red and gold from Ithaca High) (red, Cornell) (Day 4 with mascot bonus).

Grateful that I had hand warmers in my mittens, I gazed up at a huge modern art statue (Day 3).

This photo of the gorge behind the Engineering Quad captures frozen and running water (Day 7), with a jaunty Gimme sticker for color.

So ends the outgoing portion of the run. Strava shows my moving time as 18 minutes, 7 seconds. Now, I need to go back the same way and get a negative split (Day 9). As I near the end, I realize that my return did not capture some of the shuffling around I did to take photos and thus is a little short. I sprint along the top of Libe Slope trying to get that negative split and cover the same distance. Success! Return is 16 minutes, 53 seconds.


A rock behind some art.


Lovely rock at the base of Cascadilla Gorge

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Snowy rocks and a creek on today’s afternoon dog hike/run/slip and slide. Also a very ball-motivated dog!

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All the headstones and monoliths at the cemetery on East Hi

My favorite rock formation after a long run!