Backstretch Bingo Day 13: New Run

New Run: Run a new-to-you trail or road course and tell us where, or post a Strava link or screenshot of the GPS map.

I lived in Cayuga Heights for 2 years during grad school but somehow have never run north on Triphammer and south on the Parkway until this morning with @vedgund and Eric. Although, Cayuga Heights has always felt like a bit of a labyrinth to me so runs there often feel new even if they are not…


With the great sunrise this morning I figured I better get out soon. A new run was a tall order since I’ve been running for quite a while. The best I could do was a outing on the Jim Schug trail in Dryden. My first time this century. Pretty icy and rough all the way down to Dryden Lake from Agway



I’ve run around Giles but don’t think I’ve run up it since I was a kid so did a run up Giles to Cornell St, ran to the red tail nest in a lightpost above the Cornell field hockey field (and saw Big Red (?) doing some nest prep) and then finished with a run up Libe Slope.

Different route downtown

This was my first time running on part of the Black Diamond Trail!


Feeding a friend’s cat while she is out of town and took the opportunity to run in a new place.

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Ran a new to me route between Trumansburg and Covert. Took a wrong at Albuquerque, so I spent more time than anticipated running into the wind.

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Tested a 10k route in the neighborhood today.

Like @sryan004, I’ve run a lot of places in Ithaca, so for a new run, I decided to do a random run around Northside. It looks more sane on the map than it felt while I was running. I couldn’t begin to reproduce it without consulting the map. Neat views of the ice floes in Cascadilla Creek—I regretted not bringing my phone, but it was so nice running in shorts for the first time in months.

And that gets me bingo too!

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