Backstretch Bingo Day 25: Moon Run

Moon Run: Run in the moonlight, with spooky bonus points if you combine this with your Cemetery ​​Run. Dark, grainy selfies are acceptable.

Hiked a bit of Monkey Run at dusk to see the ice floes - moon wasn’t quite out yet when this photo was taken!

Final Bingo card

Had a long day and the only time I could fit my run in was at 8:30pm. I stood in the middle of the road turning in circles looking for the moon but couldn’t find it. Lots of stars and then the clouds moved in.

Also, last bingo!

Went for a quick little evening run, but no moon in sight with the clouds. My bingo card disappeared (the website says expired), but this finished the 4th column for me.

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Didn’t photograph the moon, but took a quick pick in the dark after my long run

Slow strides tonight to break up lactic acid. Then a nice photo of the moon sliver and a completed Bingo card (unable to edit as file appears closed).