Backstretch Bingo Day 4: School Colors

School Colors: Go for a run wearing your school’s colors (high school, college, whatever) and post a selfie letting us know what school. Bonus points for sharing the mascot!

Treadmill intervals at the YMCA representing Mount Holyoke College :smile:
Our mascot is Paws, the Lion! The lion comes from our founder, Mary Lyon. :lion:


I’m playing a bit of catch up so we will see if this posting works. First, Swarthmore College, color Garnet, mascot Phineas the Phoenix who is always super considerate and makes sure he is not near anything flammable when he self-combusts.

Next, an art run at the Botanic Gardens, lots of art to choose from here.

Then, strides (every 30-45 secs for the full two miles) on the East Hill Rec way which was remarkably clear at around 11am. Also the first time I’ve ever been on the rec way without passing a single other person there or back. Sorry, no photo.

And finally, my strength workout :muscle:.

Thanks for the fun challenge!


Wearing lots of blue on today’s ski for the University of Toronto. In typical Canadian fashion, UofT’s mascot is a beaver named True Blue!


Treadmill run today in red (Cornell) & gold (Ithaca High School), plus black (University of Maryland). Mascots are bears (the Little Red and Touchdown for the Big Red) and Testudo a terrapin!


Short after work run sporting my Lafayette College Track & Field hat.


Had to use the treadmill today, nursing a sore knee. I’m wearing black and blue representing my kid’s school; Midlakes, home of the Screaming Eagles!!!

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Sporting the blue and orange for my alma mater.


Post workout supporting my Eastern Washington University Eagles!

I’m calling a double on this one, wearing my Cornell Cross Country sweatshirt from 1986 and with the fabulous Egg Cairn by Andy Goldsworthy (from the Sapsucker Woods trails) in the background. The trails are good on snowshoes; they’d be pretty tough to run otherwise.

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Red sweatpants for the SUNY Cortland red Dragons.


Wearing the orange and black for Princeton University, whose mascot is the tiger.


Reppin’ the old (but not that old) LU track shirt on my run today


Running with my old college Denison in mind, where I played lacrosse.

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I wore green and black on my run to represent two school colors. As it turns out, I do not own much swag. You get a picture of my clothes hanging because I had to get out of these ASAP after my husband got lost trying to find me at the end of a long run.

Green & Gold (Lumberjack)
Black & Gold (Vandal)
Red & White (Big Red)

Colors from a lifetime or 2 ago (high school). Taken after the FLRC group run 2.19