Backstretch Bingo Day 8: Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself: Pick up a gel, socks, new pair of shoes, or hydration supplies from your local running store, and let us know what you chose.

Great day out there. We got a treat at Ian’s, thought about running on “water”, and started out with a different warm up.

I don’t know if you get points for that first one unless you ate a dog treat too. :wink:

The perfect excuse to check out some different / new to me gels I’ve been wanting to try!


We share everything, almost.

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Those are quite good. Recommend taking with a lot of water.

Pickup from Finger Lakes Running Company


Got myself a new torture device, I mean helpful tool, because it hurts so good.

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And that gives me BINGO!


Good to know. Thanks, Aaron!

Yay! Congratulations!

Congrats, @Lookmaitsham - that earns you a prize! (And you will also have another chance to win the grand prize for each additional Bingo you report!). We’ll be in touch about prize distribution after Backstretch Bingo ends.

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I have a Smartwool addiction!

Stopped by the Running Co to grab some new fuel options and some tested favorites. And as a bonus, I picked up my FLRC Challenge swag!


Walked over to Finger Lakes Running Co to pick up a tube of nuun hydration. I also got two Honey Stinger chew packs to try on some longer trail runs! :blush:

And with that, I have a bingo!

Finally made it to Finger Lakes Running Company to treat myself. Unfortunately, the color of UltraFly3 I wanted were unavailable in my size, so I decided to purchase a few different gels, chews, and gu to try.

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