Backstretch Bingo Day 9: Negative Splits

Negative Splits: Run negative splits (back is faster than out) on an out-and-back run of at least 2 miles. Post your distance and split times.

Ran some easy barefoot miles on the beach this morning while all the Floridians walked around in their winter coats. 3 miles is my max right now without shoes on.

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Negative splits in the mini Frosty Loomis race. Going up will be slower than coming down!


Negative slips on my run today in Cayuga Heights finishing by the IHS Track.

Negative splits on my treadmill this morning (the first half of my workout— had to abridge my run to accommodate two different kid drop off times :stuck_out_tongue:).

First 2 miles of my run today was 1 mile up a hill, and 1 mile back down the hill. Plus wicked head wind going out and tailwind coming back helped a lot!


My ‘modified’ negative splits. The blue ‘X’ denotes the same mile out and back with a few mile loop in between.

Out and back to Ringwood Road, picking it up on the way back.

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This is my last post from my Black Diamond Trail run :grin:

I used the hill to help pace my negative splits.

Out and back, the hills definitely helped with the negative splits. Came back about a minute faster than I went out

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Tempo from downtown to Stewart Park, which is now ice-free!

Distance Time
1.00mi 9:36
1.00mi 8:58
1.00mi 8:09
1.00mi 7:55
1.00mi 8:54
0.45mi 4:03 (9:05/mi)