Black Diamond Trail course now open!

Thanks to @Petorius’s help in finding a more precise 5-mile measurement than I could estimate from satellite photos, the Black Diamond Trail is now open for the FLRC Challenge! You can now select it in your Upcoming Races screen in the Webscorer app.

Black Diamond Trail

The 10-mile Black Diamond Trail course is a simple out-and-back. You can find the sign at the start of the Black Diamond Trail in Cass Park, just across from the Ithaca Children’s Garden, where there’s plenty of parking.

Then run up the Black Diamond Trail for 5 miles until you get to the turnaround sign that’s about halfway between the Garret Road and Houghton Road trail crossings. (There’s parking at the Houghton Road crossing, should you want to start there and run down and back—remember, alternative directions are acceptable as long as you cover the ground.)

And just so you can figure out your weekend running, I also plan to install the South Hill Rec Way sign on Friday afternoon, with the course opening as soon as it’s in place. We’ve been waiting for a couple of recalcitrant patches of ice to melt; hopefully they’ll be gone by Saturday.

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Woo hoo! I have 10 and 6 on the books for training this weekend. These courses are perfect for them! Very excited. Thanks for all you do, @adamengst and @Petorius.

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I submitted my time from today’s run and it shows in Webscorer but not on the leaderboard. Any idea why?

It will be there as soon as @steve-desmond updates the raceID that the leaderboard is looking for at Webscorer. It turns out that we can’t set up those raceIDs in advance like we thought, so the first result generates a new raceID that we have to work in.

For South Hill Rec Way, I’ll generate it earlier and get it to Steve beforehand.

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Y’all are too fast for me, I was waiting for a beer in hand before deploying :sweat_smile:

It’s live now!

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Thanks Steve!