Can you help me lead a Danby Down & Dirty group run/race preview on 9/25?

I’ve been talking with @heathercobb3, who does our Saturday out-and-back group runs, and with @Petorius, who is Race Director for the upcoming Danby Down & Dirty trail race (9/24). Everyone feels that Sunday, September 18th, would be the perfect day for a group run to preview the Danby Down & Dirty course—or just to get out on a wonderful trail run that is extra nice in the fall. I can “lead” this run by posting to the forum, bringing snacks, and welcoming everyone, but it’d be so much better if I had one or two co-leads who are at least a little familiar with the course (we will also have Run Go) and who can run at fast and/or medium speed. I will be one of the slower runners and I’ve run the course only once about 5 years ago.

Does anyone want to co-lead with me—or have an idea for someone who I should ask?

I’m familiar with the course in the context of the 2021 Challenge version, but haven’t run the new part of the 23k course that is east of Michigan hollow. Were you intending this to be just the 10k portion, or including the 23k portion as well?

Good question! I will be doing just the 10K course, but for a Sunday long run some folks probably will want to do the 23K. The 10K is the same as previous years, but the longer distance is different this year because @Petorius has enhanced it. There is a detailed write-up and map on the race page. Possibly nobody is all that familiar with the 23K! @Petorius - do we have Run Go for the 23K?

Yep, it’s on RunGo RunGo | Danby Down and Dirty 23k Trail Race (2022) | Spencer @DamianClemons

The new part is east to follow. Instead of leaving the marked trail for Hill Road (the only Forest road you’ll see on that side of the course) continue on the white blazed trail until it intersects with orange. This spot has a sign and it’s impossible to miss. Turn right and follow orange until you cross Hill Road again, putting you back on the previous 20k course.

I spoke to @DamianClemons last night at the PGXC workout, and he has agreed to co-lead the run. He can run both loops, and I will do just one loop. I’ll start another message in the Group Runs and Workouts category on the forum soon, to announce the group run in a more normal way. We will meet at the area where the race begins at 8:30 and start running at 8:45 on Sunday, September 18.

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