Come watch the Olympic Trials Marathon on Saturday, February 29th!

This isn’t exactly a group run, though @tonya is agitating for a long run in the middle (so if you want to get your run during the marathon, reply here so you can coordinate with her).

On February 29th from 12 PM to 3 PM, a bunch of local runners will be gathering at the Dryden Hotel (map :round_pushpin: here) to watch the Olympic Trials Marathon being held in Atlanta, Georgia. We certainly hope to see Chelsea Benson, Bailey Drewes, and Ellie Pell in the coverage, but even if the cameras focus primarily on the leaders, Elmira native Molly Huddle will probably be featured prominently. And there are probably some men running too. :slight_smile:

You’ll be able to order food and drink at the Dryden Hotel (which would be nice, since they’re reserving the room for us for free), and I’d appreciate it if you could RSVP using the form below if you want to come. I told the Hotel folks that we were aiming for 20-30 people, so it would be good to know if the number is radically different. I’m not sure how many people can fit comfortably into the dining room area I’ve reserved. You can see who else is coming once you RSVP.

See you Saturday!

We ended up with 44 people (including some small children) at the watching party, and a great time was had by all, even if we never managed to get a glimpse of our local runners on the TVs.