Course Conditions of Danby Down & Dirty/Abbott Loop?

Good morning,

Looking ahead to the next few weeks, we have the Danby Down & Dirty race coming up the first weekend of October, and I am wanting to put together a group run for the weekend before (September 25th). I heard last week that the course was not in great shape. Has anyone run out there recently or planning to soon and can report back?

If anyone would like to join me during the week this week or next for a slow-ish run/hike out there to do some recon, let me know. (I can also go out this Sunday - I am camping at Treman for the weekend for Monster.)


I haven’t been pout there in a few weeks, but I’ve heard from several sources that the ravine section (miles 2.5 - 3.5) is quite muddy and messy, with some downed tress on the trail. I’m told it’s runnable but slow going, without any necessary detours. Kudos to @kristina.harrisonsav and her husband for recently clearing some of the trees.

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I was planning on running it Thursday morning. The main issue is a small section in the valley but it’s passable (by climbing over a downed tree). If you are free Thursday and want to run let me know. I’m hoping to find time before the 25th to clear that downed tree as well.