Cross-country team dinner party is this Friday, 9/15, RSVP today, rides

@pgxc-flrc @pgxc-high-noon Greetings fellow harriers,

We’ll be gathering for our annual team season kickoff dinner party on Friday night. You can read all the details here. Be sure to sign up soon so the Lamberts can best prepare for everyone—they are opening their home to us and cooking up a pile of pasta and sauce. We will be filling out the meal with pass-a-dish, and you can simply bring a bottle of wine or bag of chips if cooking is beyond you this week, or you can showcase your culinary skills. The linked-to post also has options for people who need a ride.

Finally, if you’d like to run on Sunday, now’s the time to sign up. You are signed up when you’ve registered with PGXC and when you’ve filled out your row on the team roster Google Sheet. If you are new on the team, please also get in touch with us so we can answer any questions and make sure you have all the information that you need. Signup info is here.

See you on the run, -Tonya & Adam

Morning Tonya!

Such good food, and good company last night.

I’m at 307 256-6332 I intend to be at the vet school school in a timely way to meet the 6:45am deadline, so hopefully you won’t need to early bird use it.

I’m wondering (and you can let me know tomorrow) if there’s a recommended amount to throw in a carpool driver’s pot. Roundabout, Would $40 be generous enough?

See you in the morn!



Other people might have a different opinion here - if you are in a gas-powered car, you could offer $5-$20. I think $40 is probably too much. You could also offer to buy lunch, if you stop somewhere to eat. It is kind of you to think to offer! :slight_smile: