Does your Achilles hurt? Learn what you can do about it with FLRC Presents on 11/23 at 6:30 PM

A quick reminder that Monday, November 23rd at 6:30 PM, FLRC is hosting a Zoom presentation by physical therapist Jason Tuori on Achilles tendinopathy (historically called Achilles tendinitis). It’s free and we encourage questions, but registration is required to get the Zoom link. More details here:

I wasn’t able to attend Jason’s presentation yesterday. I understand these sessions are recorded and saved for later viewing. Are the stored on the Forum and if so where?

Yep, we’re recording everything and posting to FLRC’s YouTube channel. I’ve downloaded and trimmed the video, and it’s uploading to YouTube now. More soon in another thread.

The recording is now available at:

With apology, I realized as I hit send on this post that the video just hadn’t been posted yet, having just occurred last evening. I didn’t intend to sound impatient. Thanks, looking forward to reviewing it!

No worries!

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