East Hill Rec Way and Pseudo Skunk Cabbage courses now open!

Let the FLRC Challenge begin!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the first two FLRC Challenge courses are now open for running! Your fearless race director braved the afternoon blizzard to install the course marker signs for our shortest and longest courses, and Webscorer is now accepting results. Self-timing instructions are on the FLRC Challenge page, and I hope to have a video tutorial up soon.

East Hill Rec Way
The East Hill Rec Way downhill mile course is unique in that it has two signs: a start sign at the Game Farm end, right at the Start Mile marker, and a finish sign at the Judd Falls end, next to the 1.0 Mile marker. Scan one to start, scan the other to end, or just track your time on your watch and enter it later.

Pseudo Skunk Cabbage
The Pseudo Skunk Cabbage half-marathon course starts and ends at the Ellis Hollow Community Center. You’ll find its start/finish sign underneath the One Way Entrance and Slow Down signs on the lower driveway entrance.

Wow…that is so awesome of you; I need more practice running in snow/ice. :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome, @maconnell14850!

A few of us got together to run the East Hill Rec Way this morning, so there are results up on the leaderboard for me, @jullfly, and @billwatson, with more coming soon from @apacheck and @sn243. And we saw @amanda out there too.

The footing was a bit slippery; microspikes might have been helpful especially at first. I hear these are good.

Who’s going to put the first times up for the Pseudo Skunk Course?



I just signed up for the series!! I will be a walker for now, due to an injury. I hope that other walkers or slow runners will be encouraged to see me joining. Adam explained to me that it’s impossible for a slow person to hurt their age-group challenge-end team score and that there is a competitive aspect to just getting out there and completing a course. I am going to enjoy feeling as though I am participating with the group, even if it is mostly parallel play right now.


Pseudo Pseudo Skunk Cabbage just finished. Feel free to follow my course if you want an extra mile thrown in (missed my turn so anyone unfamiliar be sure to turn left again just across from Caroline school as there isn’t a sign). Beautiful day though and the series helped me get 14 miles more than I was probably going to get in today! Also, a bit more climb toward the end than the normal skunk cabbage so remember that.


Good work christening the Pseudo Skunk course, Aaron!

For anyone who has trouble remembering turns or maps, there are also turn-by-turn RunGo voice directions for this course; download them into the RunGo app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or Apple Watch. It’s like Google Maps voice directions for your run.

Your results will be up on the leaderboard shortly; the Webscorer race ID changed from what we thought it was, so @steve-desmond will need to update that number so the leaderboard knows what results set to draw from. [And that’s done now.]

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Pete Kresock (@Petorius), Gabrielle Woo (@gplwoo), and Karen Ingall (@kag22) are now on the leaderboard, and Pete did our second Pseudo Skunk run! I was on my way home from skiing on the golf course and got sucked into doing a quick mile today too.

The Most Miles list is a good way to see everyone who’s submitted a result so far:


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Welcome to Melissa Wallace (@melissakuo), who has put the 40-49 team on the leaderboard! Also new to the leaderboard today are Sam Lagasse (@Sam_Lagasse) and Alex Drazic, who are sure to lay down some fast times this year.

Congrats to Liz Hartman (@lizhartman)! I knew she’d run Pseudo Skunk with Gabrielle Woo (@gplwoo), but I didn’t realize until she mentioned it separately that it was her first half marathon ever, and in 20º temperatures! Talk about taking the FLRC Challenge on head-first. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, Pete Kresock (@Petorius) notched his third effort on Pseudo Skunk so far, and Tonya Engst (@tonya) did her first run/walk effort on East Hill Rec Way about 14 minutes faster than her first walk-only effort 10 days ago.

Recent additions to the leaderboard include Louise Debefve (@ldebefve), Matthew Clark (@mclark), Ryan Vooris (@ryan-vooris), Bob Swizdor (@Swizbob), Kristina Harrison-Savage (@kristina.harrisonsav), and Iris Packman (@Iris).

Welcome all!

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