I’d love to hear what everyone is doing for electrolyte replenishment - especially over the summer months. I tried LMNT recently and decided it was too salty for me. Recently I’ve tried both Nuun and SaltStick Fast Chews and thought they both tasted great.

I’ve had good luck with Tailwind Endurance both from a taste and digestion perspective. I like that it adds some calories with the electrolytes.

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I use Nuun and love it. The only annoying thing is snapping the tabs to fit in more narrow bottle openings. I have to bite them in half on the go.

I tried LMNT too and I have to dilute it a lot.

Yes! We’ve really been enjoying Superieur. We found out about it at YogOdyssey, they sell it there for post-yoga electrolyte replenishment, but we’ve used it after runs, too. https://amzn.to/3NN5ZY8

I’ve been drinking Liquid IV after long runs. I like it a lot, but I mix it with twice the amount of water they recommend, otherwise it tastes a bit strong.

I’ve just started using LMNT. I actually appreciate the (seeming) higher saltiness compared to NUUN, but I can see how it would be too much for many. Since I’ve struggled with the summer heat in the past, I’m trying to get acclimated to it by running in the heat and doing my Zwift rides sans fan so I get a good sweat on. I’m trying to train myself sous vide.

When necessary, I use Endurolyte capsules (or whatever salt capsules might be handy) instead of a sports drink and just drink water to hydrate and eat real food for calories. This pleases my dentist (and my teeth) greatly, since sports drinks are terrible for causing decay.

I’ve been using Saltstick tabs on mountain runs out here. The only annoying part is making sure I take enough tabs since each one only has 50 mg of sodium/15 mg potassium. They taste like candy and go down easily. Other than that… real food like chips and miso rice rolls for the longer 7+ hr days work well!

Tailwind has worked really well for me, and I’ve gone as far as a 100K on only Tailwind. As an ambassador I get free samples and would be happy to share several flavors for you to try if you’re interested.

I’m not, but I’m in lousy running condition.

I use Liquid IV, it’s probably the most straightforward option, not much besides electrolytes and vitamins in it. Plus you can buy it in bulk from Wegmans.

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Hammer Nutrition has a variety of excellent electrolyte products for different tastes and purposes. For simplicity, there are Endurolyte capsules, 1 every half hour or so. For sparkle, there is Fizz, a tablet that you add to a water bottle. For electrolytes plus carbs (maltodextrin) there is HEED, a drink powder in various flavors, not too sweet. For extreme heat there is Endurolyte Extreme caps, and for very long workouts in high heat, there is Liquid Endurance. I use all but the extreme heat ones because our climate is so nice and cool.

Tailwind is my go-to when it comes to taste, digestibility, and functionality (although I’ve never had a bad experience with any other brand’s electrolyte drink.) Nuun capsules mixed into water are handy if you want flavor and electrolytes without the calories. Also S Caps or some other brand salt pills for the same reasons Nancy stated. All this was trial and error over the years until I found stuff that seems to work the best.

Such a good question! I’ve tried a lot of options because I lose a ton of salt when I sweat (apparently there’s a range). I find that I need to take in electrolytes both during and after my run to maximize recovery and not feel totally drained the rest of the day.

My favorite options for during the run are either:

  • maple syrup and sea salt mixed into my handheld water at the same level as a nuun tab (I just calculate the amount of sodium chloride and sugar and mix accordingly)

  • if it’s summer/humid I’ll also bring salt stick chews (1-2 every 30 minutes; the mango ones are delicious)

Or, alternatively:

  • Liquid IV powder mixed into about 16-20 oz of water. I like that you also get some carbs with these and they taste really good (passion fruit and golden cherry are my favorites)

After a run, I also pop a couple Nuun tabs into about 20-24 oz of water with ice. My favorite flavors are pink lemonade, watermelon, fruit punch, and tropical. (I think the citrus flavors are too bitter).

I don’t like taking in most of my fuel in my water, so I will also have gels or chews in addition to the electrolytes.