FAQ #12: How do I make sure someone is notified of my post?

On the forum, everyone has two pieces of information that identify them, their full name and their username. Because of how we imported users from previous systems, both full names and usernames can be a little random.

To ensure that a particular person is notified of your post, include their username, prefixed with an @ symbol. For instance, to ensure that FLRC president Adam Engst is notified of your post, include @adamengst anywhere in the post. Some people have usernames that vary more from their real names, so Danby Down & Dirty race director and FLRC board member Pete Kresock is @Petorious.

The forum shows usernames next to full names whenever the person posts, but the easy way to insert someone’s username is to type an @ and then start to type letters from the desired person’s full name or username—either is fine—and then select the appropriate suggestion from the pop-up list. For Adam Engst, for instance, you could type @ada or @eng.