FAQ #4: How do I tell which topics have new posts?

When a topic contains a post that the system knows you haven’t seen yet, it bolds the title of the post. When you’ve read all the posts in a topic, its title becomes slightly grayed-out. When you’re looking at a list of topics, you’ll also see a Last Visit line underneath the topics that have been created since your last visit.

If your notification level is set to Watching or Tracking (more on those in the next FAQ), you’ll also see a blue dot after the titles of topics with new posts. If it’s a small blue dot, you haven’t seen any of the posts in the topic. If it’s a larger blue dot with a number inside, the number indicates how many posts are new since you last tuned in, so you can get a quick sense of whether it’s just one reply or an involved discussion. The forum knows what you’ve read and automatically scrolls so you see new posts in a topic.

More FAQs in the future, but if you don’t want to wait, you can read the entire FLRC Forum FAQ in Google Docs.