FAQ #6: How do I get less email from the FLRC Forum?

If you’re not a fan of email, you might find yourself receiving more messages than you’d like. You have complete control over how much email you receive, but keep in mind that if you disable all email, you will likely miss important announcements if you don’t visit the forum’s Web site regularly or use one of the apps.

First, if you turned on Mailing List Mode in your Emails preferences, turn it off. Then, set forums/categories for which you want to receive email to Watching or Watching First Post.

Second, refer back to the previous question for a description of the Watching and Watching First Post notification levels. For any category or tag that’s sending you email, remove its name from the Watched or Watching First Post list.

Third, in your Emails preferences, note that you can adjust the frequency of the Activity Summary that alerts you to popular topics and replies. By default, it’s set to Daily, but you can instead choose Weekly, Every Month, or Every Six Months.

We’ll move on to topics related to searching and replying next, or you can read the entire FLRC Forum FAQ in Google Docs.