Far-flung Sweet 1600s

Sure, it’s easy to run a Sweet 1600 on the Cornell or Lansing or Newfield tracks, but who’s running on tracks that are not just out of town, but far, far away from Ithaca? Here’s what I know of so far, with distances from Ithaca using DistanceFromTo:

  • Steve Ryan: Green Lakes Park in Seattle, WA for 2233 miles
  • Tonya and Adam Engst: Stanley Park (and others) in Vancouver, BC for 2256 miles
  • Tristan Lambert: Lausanne, Switzerland for 3910 miles
  • Tristan Lambert: Lucerne, Switzerland for 3962 miles
  • Charlie Fay: Basel, Switzerland for 3915 miles
  • Bill Hartnett: Lihue, Hawaii for 4855 miles

If you run a Sweet 1600 somewhere interesting, make sure to say something in your Story post (with pictures!) and I’ll update this post with the details.

Lihue, Hawaii at Vidinha Stadium. Ran in my street clothes but I saw a track and had to do it. 4,852 miles.

That’s the spirit! Added that one and other European spots from @Tristan_Lambert and @CharlieF.