Finger Lakes 50s, June 27 track meet, and July 4th holiday preempt group runs and workouts

Since a few people have asked, I wanted to confirm that there will be no group runs this weekend because so many people are busy running or volunteering at Finger Lakes 50s.

Similarly, because of the June 27 track meet on Tuesday night at Ithaca High School, there will be no separate workout at Stewart Park.

Our next scheduled group run will be July 1 as a preview for Forest Frolic on July 8. Stay tuned for details.

The Tuesday night workouts will resume on July 11 given that many of us will have events on the evening of July 4.

Of course, if anyone wants to organize an informal group run, just post in this category saying when and where! :running_woman: :running_man:

The Forest Frolic preview group run will be Saturday July 1st at 8:30am. Everyone is welcome, even if you aren’t planning on running the race!


Are the Tuesday night Stewart Park runs happening? Where do I find info? I’d love to join.

Hi Candace! They are resuming this week. @adamengst posts right here on the forum in the Group Runs & Workouts topic on Mondays. Here is an example post. Look for this week’s tomorrow!