FLRC Challenge Jim Schug Trail group run on Wednesday, May 18 at 6:15 PM

@Challengers, want to record an FLRC Challenge effort on the scenic Jim Schug Trail with friends? I heard from a few people last week was just too hot. Tomorrow is looking a little cooler, but sunny enough to dry out the rain. Join us this Wednesday, May 18th, at the butterfly bench at the start of the FLRC Challenge course at 6:15 PM and we’ll start running at 6:30 PM. Park on the streets nearby (Rochester St. is normally quiet) or in the municipal lot off George St. Do not park at Agway because their lot is locked after closing. The lot adjacent to Perkin Funeral home is not a public lot and I can’t say it is OK to park there after hours. Carpooling is encouraged!

Let’s try to reduce the number of car trips to fight climate change. Vote if you need a ride or can give one, and post a reply with meetup ideas.
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  • I can give a ride

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If you aren’t signed up for the FLRC Challenge or haven’t yet signed the FLRC Training Programs waiver already in 2022, please do one or the other.

For post-run socializing, we’ll be heading over to the Dryden Hotel for pizza and beer. Those who don’t want to eat indoors could order takeout pizza and eat at the pavilion in Montgomery Park, just behind the Dryden Hotel. Alcohol and glass bottles are not allowed in the park.

Please register in the poll below using your flat road pace so everyone can see if they’ll have pace partners. (Click the icons under each answer to see who has voted.)

  • Sub-8:00-minute pace
  • 8:00-9:00-minute pace
  • 9:00-10:00-minute pace
  • 10:00-11:00-minute pace
  • 11:00-12:00-minute pace
  • 12:00-13:00-minute pace
  • 13:00-and-up-minute pace

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The course is straight out and back. If you’re not up for running the full 8 miles, feel free to join us and turn around whenever you want.

Everyone is welcome, and hope to see you Wednesday night!

@tonya and I are planning to be there for the run (and I’ll be cutting it shorter than 8, sadly), but we won’t be able to stay for pizza this week. We’re out in Ellis Hollow if anyone who’s between us and Dryden needs a ride—unlikely, I know, but just in case.

I’ll be there too. Would love a ride if someone’s available, but I’m also happy to get a Carshare car and give a ride to people, if necessary :grin:

I’ll be showing up to the Dryden Hotel for pizza. I have a class downtown prior to and during the run.

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I also will be joining for pizza after, but not the run.

FYI, bring cash for pizza! (I will have cash this time!)

I’ll be heading straight through Ithaca coming from Watkins Glen area, so I could give someone a ride if they are within that general path. I plan on the post run at the Dryden as well, so that would have to be factored into the return time if someone can’t stay that long.

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It sounds like Dean and Lori Johnson will be joining for the run and pizza after. Not sure they are on this forum but we’ve been chatting about it on fb. :slight_smile:

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@DamianClemons why don’t you pick up @Benedetta_Carnaghi on your way through town?

Thank you so much @adamengst ! @DamianClemons I will be downtown at 216 South Geneva St. My cell is 917-562-5390. If that works for you, great, otherwise I’m happy to get the Carshare car. Thank you so much and looking forward to the run!

@adamengst @Benedetta_Carnaghi Looks like its about 20 minutes from Dryden, so I’ll bet there in the 5:50-5:55pm range. I’ve got the details plugged in if you want to erase your details off the web. Room for two more if needed.

@DamianClemons thank you so much!! 5:50-5:55pm sounds perfect. Looking forward!

I’m coming for running and pizza after track practice but will probably be late, so don’t wait for me! I’ll try to run you guys down on the trail :slight_smile:

Hey Damian, it turns out I will not have to go coach track practice, so if I could get in on the carpooling as well that would be great! I also live downtown and can just walk over to Benedetta’s place to make things easier. My number is 763-218-9356


Adam… Not a problem. If you can meet where Benedetta will be that will definitely make it simpler.

@heathercobb3 @adamengst @Dave_K @Benedetta_Carnaghi @Adam_Berkowitz

This morning I took a Covid test and came up positive. I tested negative yesterday, and was largely only testing because someone I am typically in close contact with tested positive Thursday evening. I am largely asymptomatic except for typical itchy throat and eyes normally associated with allergies. I think those of you that were around me Wednesday evening and car pooled with me should be in the clear timing wise, but still wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention so that you could be wary of your own potential symptoms. My wife spent a couple hours in the car with me Thursday and she is still perfectly fine. Sorry for the bad news and hope everyone continues to stay healthy.

@DamianClemons hope you have a quick recovery! @adamengst @heathercobb3 Damian was supposed to give me a ride tomorrow morning to volunteer for Thom B (I think I’m supposed to be there at 6:30 am). Do you know if there is anyone else who could give me a ride? Thank you so much!

Ach, sorry to hear it, @DamianClemons! Hope the symptoms aren’t too bad.

@Benedetta_Carnaghi, it looks like the carpools are mostly at 7 AM from the Vet School parking lot, so why don’t you get a ride with one of them? @heathercobb3 and I can handle the bib handout for the marathoners before you get there—there are only 17 or so of them.


@Benedetta_Carnaghi we can hold down the fort until you get there. :slight_smile: @DamianClemons Thank you for letting us know. Feel better, I hope it doesn’t get worse!

Perfect I signed up for the carpool @adamengst :smile: you guys will tell me how I can be useful when I get there. Thank you so much!