FLRC members have early-morning access to the IHS track during the summer in 2022

Thanks to the efforts of Kris Haines-Sharp, chair of FLRC’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve been able to work with Ithaca High School to allow FLRC members to run on the IHS track from 6 AM to 8 AM throughout the summer. Track access starts July 6th and goes through August 21st (except for the three days from July 12th through 14th, when the track was already reserved for another use). In late August, if all has gone well, we hope to renew the morning access.

Please note that the IHS track is available only to FLRC members, and the IHS staff have a list of current members. If you join the club and plan to run on the IHS track, let me know so I can update their copy of the member list. There’s no need to sign in, but if you’re asked about running on the track during those hours, just reply that you’re an FLRC member using the access arranged with ICSD Athletic Director Samantha Little. (And let me know afterward.) If the gates ever aren’t open at 6 AM—the custodians have to become accustomed to opening them—let me know about that too so I can pass it on.

One request. We are very much guests on this track, and school and team activities take precedence. If there’s a team on the track or practicing in the infield (especially lacrosse, whose errant balls are extremely dangerous), please run elsewhere that day. There shouldn’t be any early-morning conflicts, but you never know.

We hope you enjoy your morning track access!

Thanks Adam for the notification and big thanks for the work on this Kris!!

Brian Lee

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Has anyone had any luck with the morning access? I only tried one time so far, yesterday, and it was all locked . There was someone there working in the big open shed but he didn’t know anything about it . This is really nice though— thanks Kris for arranging it!

I knew I should have waited until after the three-day carveout to start. :slight_smile: Several people have had trouble in the last couple days, which the IHS ML Schedules app wouldn’t let us have from the beginning (no idea why). In theory, it should start being open tomorrow, July 15, from 6-8 AM.

oops, sorry I didn’t read more carefully! Thanks!!

Does anyone know if the IHS track is open to the public about this summer? If so, what hours? Thanks!

Yep, it’s early in the morning on most weekdays.

Thanks. I thought I’d seen an older post about it for 2023 but couldn’t dig it up.