FLRC roster and more for PGXC #3 on 10/22/23 at TC3

The October 22 race is our home meet at Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3), in Dryden. The 6K course has been planned by the amazing High Nooner Charlie Fay, who has been coordinating our home meets for many years. This message has info about the FLRC team roster (@adamengst will send a High Noon roster later this week) and a few notes about carpooling, team lunch, etc.

Here is the current FLRC roster. Please check that your name is (or is not) on the roster as it should be.

U19 (Teens)

• Banyan Love
• Ben Lambert
• Rahmon Daily
(Not sure if Kate and Gretchen are coming @hulseyfamilyny)

Open (ages 20–39)

• Amalia Skilton
• Cecilia Madens
• Emma Maxtutos
• Hannah Blair
• Hope Towle
• Inger Aaberg
• Laurel Gilmer
• Liz Fabis (not yet signed up)
• Molly Doruska
• Sarah Ridenour

With (probably) over 9 runners, we will (probably) have A and B teams.

Masters (ages 40–49)

• Jessica Daily
• Julie Barclay
• Rebecca Lambert

Veterans (ages 50–59)

• Brenda Osovski
• Julie Barclay
• Tonya Engst

Super Veterans (ages 60-69)

• Anne Shakespeare
• Gill Haines-Sharpe (@gillian-haines-sharp what are your plans?)
• Laura Helmerick
• Lorrie Tily
• Marie Fitzsimmons
• Joanne Herneisey
• Sandra Gregorich
• Yvette De Boer

I am still deciding how to best organize this team.

Ultra Veterans (ages 70–79)

• Deb Bliss
• Nancy Lorr
• Ruth Sproul


Gun time is 11am, so I suggest arriving a little before 10am.


Although you may want to drive yourself to this nearby race, we will have our usual carpooling approach and a few people will need rides. Adam and I will send a message about carpooling later this week.


For food and fun after the race, we’ll be meeting at Hopshire brewery for their Kegs & Eggs event. Hopshire is at 1771 Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068 (Google pin).


It is okay to race in gloves, arm warmers, hats, tights, etc. You can also wear your jersey over a shirt.


Many of you already have a team jersey that you can race in. I will also bring the box of extra jerseys. In case there aren’t enough extras to go around, if you don’t already have a jersey, wear an FLRC Challenge short sleeve shirt or other blue shirt or FLRC shirt.


The end-of-season celebration/awards dinner will be Saturday, November 18. Stay tuned for details.
See you on the run, Tonya

@pgxc-flrc @caroline-brockner

I appear to be listed on both the masters and vets teams???

I just updated the XL spreadsheet. I am planning on running.


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Hi Tonya and Adam,
I just signed up Caitlin and myself (Jamie) for the PGXC #3 race at TC 3.
See you there!


Thanks @tonya ! I’m registering right now.

You get to run twice! Yay! :slight_smile:

(Tonya said it was just a typo (paste-o?) from starting with last year’s list…)

In fact, Tanya Burnett is the third runner on our Masters team. Sorry @TB2023 for not including you on the initial roster for the TC3 race - it was a simple copy/paste error. You are all set for the race. Thank you, @julie19 for noticing!

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Hey Tonya, I will be running! I just updated the spreadsheet.

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@dooleykat - I see you in the PGXC system and the Google sheet and you are all set. :slight_smile:

@caitlin-loehr - See you on Sunday. Registration-wise, you are all set. :slight_smile:

@tonya Hi Tonya! I signed up for the TC3 race in the women’s open group and updated the spreadsheet. This is my first PGXC race, so let me know if there is anything else I should know before joining on Sunday! Thanks!

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Hi Tonya!
Could you add me to the roster (40-49)? I didn’t think I’d be able to go but it turns out I can make it! I’ll register shortly.

Hi @MWoods,Great news that you can run on Sunday. Yes, I will add you to the roster and I will look for your name in the PGXE backend system. It will show up there for me after you register.

@stephrich - nice to have you running on Sunday! I will get you on the roster. :sunglasses::running_woman:t3:

Hi Tonya - my weird ankle pain (or since I now have an official diagnosis, posterior tibial tendinopathy) is slowly healing but sadly not in time for racing this weekend :sob: I just changed my Y to N for the TC3 race in the google sheet. I’ll keep up my PT exercises and fingers crossed I’ll be able to run the next race!

@blairh - Thanks for letting me know. You are now off the roster for Sunday. I hope your ankle continues to feel better…

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@stephrich - You are all set on the roster. See you on Sunday!