High Noon men’s roster for PGXC #3 on 10/22/2023

Good day, @pgxc-high-noon. Our third race is this Sunday, October 22, at TC3 in Dryden, our home course this year. The post-race lunch will be at the Hopshire Farms brewery on Route 13 between Ithaca and Dryden for their Kegs & Eggs event (1771 Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068).

It’s time to look at the roster—we’re doing well but if we get a few more Open runners we could field two teams. Tonya put the U19 runners on her roster this time, and I think the Hulsey sisters are planning to run, so we’ll have a strong U19 team.

If you don’t see your name below and are running, let me know and fill out the roster spreadsheet. And if you are listed, but your plans have changed, it’s even more important to tell me!

Open (5 to score, 9 can run)

  • Christopher Petroff
  • Eliot Benman
  • Evan Lodge
  • Jason Jenks
  • Josh Nogaret
  • Kushal Reddy (?)
  • Mik Kern
  • Patrick Boyle
  • Patrick Milano

Great work on the Open team! We’re at 9 now, so if Kushal can make it and we get anyone else, we’ll break into two teams to capture another club cup point.

Masters (5 to score, 9 can run)

  • Audun Dahl
  • Damian Clemons (?)
  • Dave Kania
  • Eric Sambolec (?)
  • Jay Hubisz
  • Jordan Varano (?)
  • Kilian Weinberger (?)
  • Peter Frazier
  • Tristan Lambert

A lot of question marks here, but we should have a team even if none of them can make it. I just talked with Kilian Weinberger last night, so hopefully he’ll sign up and it would be great if we could get Dan Timmerman.

Vets (5 to score, 9 can run)

  • Allan Filipowicz
  • Bob Swizdor
  • Jean-Luc Jannink
  • Jesse Koennecke
  • Michael Smith
  • Steve Jesch

Nice to see some new faces here—welcome to Allan, Michael, and Steve! Should be a solid team for this race.

Super Vets (3 to score, 5 can run)

  • Alan Lockett (?)
  • Casey Carlstrom
  • Jamie Loehr
  • John Hummel
  • Rick Cleary

Casey, can you please sign up in RunSignup so you get into the team system? Alan’s a maybe because he’s racing Saturday too, but even still, we’ll have a full team. Great to see Rick coming in from Boston for the race and Jamie after his marathon.

Ultra Vets (3 to score, 5 can run)

  • Charlie Fay
  • Carl Franck
  • Joel Leff

We’re at a full team this week, but Pete Dady and Rick Mazzeo, we’ll need one of you for the next race on November 5.

@adamengst I’ve just registered for Sunday and added myself onto the spreadsheet for the Open category - let me know if I need to do anything else. Will probably be needing a lift though, don’t think I fancy a 13 mile warm-up run!

Hey, that’s great, @jonlewis! I’m sure someone will be coming up from downtown.

Looks like I misread @joshnogaret’s N line on the roster, so we’re still at 9 for open, but we have enough Masters and Vets to run someone down to complete an Open B team.

@Kushal_Kumar_Reddy, do you know if you’ll be able to make it?

unfortunately, I am still recovering from shin splits and can’t join!

Sorry to hear it!

I was just reading about shin splints because @Banyan_Tree is having issues too. Along with some rest, here are a few things to try:

  • Use a foam roller or lacrosse ball to roll the calves.
  • Do straight leg and bent knee calf stretches. 3x30 seconds for each leg 2-3 times per day.
  • Do single-leg calf raises (off a step): 3x15 reps, twice per day
  • Try Russ Ebbetts’ foot drills:


Good luck and hope you’re back for the next race!

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These are all very helpful, thank you so much. :slight_smile:

I hope our runners do amazing at the home race, good luck to all!!