FLRC Tough Tarmac Challenge completions for 2024

@Challengers, I’m pleased to announce the first finisher of the FLRC Tough Tarmac Challenge. Congrats to Amy Dawson, 2022’s second-place finisher for Most Miles!

Amy started the day at 6:43 AM with a Sweet 1600 before running her home Run Rabbit Run course and making her way into Ithaca for the Lakefront Loops 5K. Then she tackled the tough Freeville Fly-In course and finished the day with Valley Views.

Overall, she spent 6:58:28 running, well under the 12-hour cutoff, and the benchmark standard for the next person to try. Will that be you?


Awesome job!!!

Talk about a running family! We have our second Tough Tarmac Challenge completion, @Challengers, from Elizabeth Dawson. She wasn’t quite as fast as her mother, Amy Dawson, but still completed all five road courses in 7:51:41 running time and 9:20:18 elapsed time, well under the 12-hour cutoff. Scott Dawson is one of our five Tough Trail Challenge finishers too.

Question #1 is if Elizabeth will go for a Tough Trail Challenge to run the remaining five Challenge courses she needs for her medal. Question #2 is if Xander Dawson will tackle one or both of the Tough T**** Challenges when he’s back for the summer.