FLRC women's and U19 roster for PGXC #4 on 10/30/2022

Hi @pgxc-women,

Our October 30th race is our home meet at TC3, in Dryden. The 6K course has been planned by the inimitable Charlie Fay, who runs on the High Noon team and who has been coordinating our home meets for many years. You can download the course map.

The roster is still coming together, but here is how it looks today. Please check that your name is (or is not) on the roster as it should be and remember to RSVP for our upcoming end-of-season party.


U19 (Teens)

  • Aubrey Towle
  • Ben Lambert
  • Oliver Lambert
  • Rahmon Daily

Open (ages 20–39)

  • Amalia Skilton
  • Brittany Cronk
  • Diana Hackett
  • Elizabeth (Lizzie) DiGiovine
  • Kathleen Kanaley
  • Katie Ganon
  • Laurel Gilmer
  • Molly Doruska
  • Sarah Ridenour

Masters (ages 40–49)

  • Jessica Daily
  • Julie Barclay
  • Michelle Woods
  • Rebecca Lambert

(Kuwanna was signed up, but she decided to not run.)

Veterans (ages 50–59)

  • Brenda Osovski
  • Caitlyn Loehr
  • Kim Jackson
  • Tonya Engst
  • Deborah Bliss (running down)

Super Veterans (ages 60-69)

  • Anne Shakespeare
  • Gill Haines-Sharep
  • Sandra Gregorich
  • Lorrie Tily
  • Ruth Sproul (running down)

Gun time is 11am, so I suggest arriving a little before 10am. As is usual these days, this race will combine men and women with one start time and one course. (The separate races in Akron Falls were a special circumstance.)

Although you may want to drive yourself to this nearby race, we will have carpooling and a few people will need rides. Adam and I will send a message about carpooling later this week.

It is okay to race in gloves, arm warmers, hats, tights, etc. You can also wear your jersey over a shirt.

Many of you coming to this race already have a team jersey that you can bring to wear while racing. I will also bring the box of extra jerseys. In case there aren’t enough extras to go around, if you don’t already have a jersey, wear an FLRC Challenge short sleeve shirt or other blue shirt or FLRC shirt.

See you on the run, Tonya

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I just added Lizzie DiGiovine to the Open group. I also see someone who I think is @Katie_Gannon now signed up on RunSignUp (wonderful!) but I can’t tell which race based on what I can see there so @Katie_Gannon please let me know what your plans are so I can get you on the submitted roster correctly.