PGXC 2022 post-season group run and party on Sunday, Nov 13th

Good day, @pgxc-high-noon and @pgxc-flrc!

For those who like to plan ahead, here is something to put on your calendar for Sunday, November 13th. As usual, we’ll be closing out the cross-country season with a party/awards ceremony. Though we may someday return to our traditional Saturday night party format, this year we are sticking with an outdoor approach.

We’ll gather starting around 11:50 AM at the Brooktondale Community Center (524 Valley Road in Brooktondale; see map) for a group run that will begin at the High Noon canonical time of 12:08 PM. We will head east out Valley Road, take a right on White Church Road, and run for 20 minutes at whatever pace you want before turning around and coming back.

After the run, we will gather in the pavilion behind the community center. We will have access to heated bathrooms inside, and we recommend putting on warm clothes immediately after finishing.

Starting around 1 PM, we’ll share food and drink provided by FLRC (we do plan to bring back last year’s popular hot chocolate and tea), hand out awards, and sing of our many and varied accomplishments from the season to acclaim from all. (Well, not literally sing. But metaphorically. Like Vikings.)

Please RSVP using this Google Form, to tell us whether or not you can come, so we can plan food and awards. Family members are welcome, but they may be recruited for next season and should be warned that conversation will revolve around running.

–Tonya & Adam

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